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Houston Truck Tarps offers fabrics that meet the needs of our clientes. We Test our fabrics for tear strength, abrasion resistance, coating adhesion, stitching and seam strength, flexural and whip cold wind – to create the most suitable cover for your applications.

Our canvases are designed to meet and exceed the extensive performance criteria Houston Truck Tarps material high tenacity polyester PVC coated 10 oz, 14 oz, 18 oz or 22 oz and 35 and 40 ounces, does not rot, shrink or stretch and offers unparalleled grip to reduce the scourge of wind, this is the best PVC coated fabric have worked with from anywhere in the world. We used tens of thousands of yards in several applications, which surpasses all others. These covers are also constructed with welded heat in the main body of the deck of a double thickness which provides an additional layer of protection against moisture for their cars, trailers and trucks seams.

In Houston Truck Tarps use the finest solid vinylcoated fabric with built-in UV inhibitors to reduce sun damage and fading. Each batch is tested by the manufacturer of the material.
Tarp Color Options: (Colors may not reflect exact tarp color)

Standard Color:

Black-Color    Royal-Blue0  Grey-Color  Red-Color


Premium Colors:

bech-color green-color GreenLemon- color orange-color Purpure-Color vino-Color White-Color Yellow-Color