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We mainly dedicate to manufacture lumber tarps all types of custom tarps from whichever size needed. We also install all types of systems such as: Rollover Tarp Systems, Flip Tarps or Arm Systems. We also dedicate on systems such as: Cable Systems, Conestoga Flatbed Tarps. We offer high-quality and fast work.


Price range is always a better price than all of our competitors on products such as pre-fabricated flatbed tarps. We keep the most common tarping systems for any kind of dump trucks to prevent customers from paying freight for parts that require to be ordered, which you could receive it the same-day rather than our competitors that require you to pay shipping for products.

System Features

All our tarping systems can go from manual systems which are able to be converted into electric systems. Or, you can order your system from a fully-new electric system that you can control it from your cab with a regular switch to operate inside, or you can utilize it with our stunning and handy remote control that we offer. FLATBED FEATURES: Instead of buying 4, 6, or 8 drop lumber tarps that will be heavy for operator, we offer innovative conestoga systems.

Our Location

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3421 Manitou Drive Houston, TX 77013

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